Tactical Missiles Corporation is the successor to Zvezda-Strela SRPC, an enterprise with a 60-year history of developing and manufacturing various weapon systems that became one of Russia's leading developer of anti-ship, antiradiation and multi-role standardized tactical missiles for airborne, ship-borne and coast-based missile systems. The Corporation lists as its members TMKB Soyuz Tushino Machine-building Design Bureau, JSC Omsk Plant Avtomatika, Detal Design Bureau, Iskra Machine-building Design Bureau and Krasny Gidropress Plant. The Corporation offers missile deliveries and servicing, service life extension for previously delivered missiles, missile modernization and adjustment to different platforms (including foreign-made ones) and personnel training programmes.

Contact Details

Address: 7, Ilyicha Str., Korolev, Moscow region, 141075, Russia


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