The Phazotron-NIIR Corporation, a recognized leader in domestic aircraft radar technology was created in June 1917 and at that time was named Aviapribor Plant.
The Phazotron-NIIR Corporation offers a complex system of radars and WCDS development and production on the basis of Kopyo, Zhuk and Arbalet and unified component parts.
Main types of products:

  • Airborne radars and weapon control and defense systems (WCDS);
  • Helicopter radars and WCDS;
  • Radars for gun/missile air defense systems;
  • Module units of radars;
  • Components of electronic equipment;
  • Weather radars;
  • Aerospace monitoring;
  • Means for displaying information on the condition of space vehicle and cosmonauts;
  • Medical magneto-therapeutic devices;
  • Small- size thermoelectric refrigerators;
  • Engineering equipment for machine-building industry.

Contact Details

Address: 1, Electricheskiy per., Moscow, 123557, Russia


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