Tasked with improving Boeing's competitive position through use of innovative technologies, improved processes and creation of new products, the Phantom Works was originally established by McDonnell Douglas at St Louis. Technologies and expertise have expanded in support of company-wide activities, including commercial transport aircraft; this division had workforce of 4,700 in January 2003, with personnel at every major Boeing facility.
Phantom Works activities are spread over six sites: Huntsville (operations analysis, advanced military aircraft and missiles, manufacturing technology & prototyping and advanced support concepts), Mesa (advanced rotorcraft), Philadelphia (advanced rotorcraft), Seattle (advanced commercial aircraft and information & engineering technology), Southern California (advanced tankers and transports; space and communications) and St Lonis (computing technology).
In addition to the programmes described below in detail, Phantom Works is also involved with Naval Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV-N), Solar Orbit Transfer Vehicle, X-31A Vector, X-37 Reusable Spaceplane, X-40 Space Maneuver Vehicle, X-43 Hyper-X and X-45 UCAV.


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