Pipistrel originated in mid-1980s when partners Ivo Boscarol and Bojan Sajovic began building flex-wing trikes. First major design was Ajdovscina, of which 32 built between 1989 and December 1992, including exports to Italy (these first private Yugoslav exports of light aircraft). Also began producing ground-adjustable pitch propellers, of which 1,400 built by 2000. Pipistrel Plus flex-wing entered production in 1990; more than 200 now sold. Supplied flex-wings to Croatian Army in 1991. Spider flex-wing entered production in 1992; more than 15 produced.
Company formally established as Pipistrel d.o.o. on 18 November 1992 and supplied flex-wings to Italian Army's special forces in following year. Twister flex-wing introduced 1998. Moved to new premises at Ajdovscina aerodrome in 2001; workforce 18. Production rate four aircraft per month in mid-2003. Construction of new assembly facility (more than 2,000 m2; 21,528 sq ft) started 5 September 2003; when finished, will permit increased output of eight to 10 per month.
In 2000, Pipistrel began design of Arcus ultralight, no details of which havee yet been published. The company is also developing the Taurus self-launching ultralight sailplane which has a 'pop-up' Rotax 503 engine and is scheduled for introduction in the second quarter of 2004

Contact Details

Tel: (+386 5) 36 63 873
Fax: (+386 5) 36 61 263
URL: www.pipistrel.si


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