Mobile Information Systems Research and Production Association is branch of AVIAPRIBOR holding company and works in the sphere of automation of airlines and airports flight and navigation services operation and also of flight crew work during flight preparation and in flight.
The enterprise's team, together with aircraft manufacturers, research organizations and flight-test centers, develops hardware-software complexes, providing: automatic or semi-automatic generation of optimum route using Jeppesen or TSAI GA aeronautical information databases, navigation and engineering - navigational calculations, take-off and landing performance calculations, airlines flight personnel database management, flight crews and flight missions forming up, as well as some other special commitments.
The complexes are being realized on the basis of high-performance desktop, tablet and pocket personal computers.
The complexes developed by NPO Mobile Information systems substantially facilitate flight planning organization, make fast and high-precision navigational calculations, promote improvement of flight safety and profitability.

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Address: 5, Aviatsionnyi per, Moscow, 125319, Russia


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