MicroMax Computer Systems, a solution provider supplying Russian customers with state-of-the-art embedded board level products and ruggedized computers for airborne and ground-based systems including flight line testing as well as communications products for flight control systems:

  • Embedded computer systems, including boards manufactured by leading NorthAmerican companies such as Ampro Computers, Diamond Systems, Connect Tech;
  • Ruggedized mobile computers produced by the world leader Dolch (USA) and other quality manufacturers;
  • Professional graphic Human-Machine Interface units used in industrial and special purpose applications;
  • Industrial computers, components and peripheral devices;
  • Unique wireless optical communication systems MicroMax provides a fast WestEast logistic route for North-American hi-tech products as well as for products of world leading manufacturers.

Contact Details

Address: 29, Broadway, New York, NY 10006
URL: www.micromax.com


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