The Mashinostroyeniye Publishing House is the largest scientific and technical publisher in Russia, and the chief vendor of literature on aviation, rocketry and cosmonautics. Such literature was first issued 60 years ago by Oborongiz (Defence publishing house), which since 1961 has been integral part of Mashinostroyeniye. They publish monographs, manuals, reference books, industrial and technological literature, and popular scientific literature for a wide spectrum of readers. Authors of the books include prominent scientists, designers, cosmonauts, writers and journalists.
Mashinostroyeniye issues 13 monthly magazines in all branches of machine building, aviation and cosmonautics, automobile-building, metallurgy, informatics and automation, as well as reference books, manuals and encyclopedias on technical subjects in general.

Contact Details

Address: 4, Stromynsky Lane, Moscow, 107076, Russia


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