Lasex specializes in development and production of navigation systems based on laser gyroscopes for civil aircraft. The NSI-2000 and NSI-2000MT systems are certified as major navigation assets for Precision Area Navigation (PRNAV) as far as integrity, continuity and reliability in all stages of flight are concerned, and comply with current and prospective standards of ICAO up to 2015.
Proven accuracy of navigation in all stages of flight is 100 m, and it does not change in the time between signals from GNSS beacons stays within 10 minutes limit. The systems can be used together with both classic (analogous) and modern digital aviation instruments. They use GLONASS/GPS receiver, and can operate at 15g-load. The main customers are: Aeroflot (IL-76TD, Tu-154M) and Beriev (Be-200).

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Address: 9, Institutsky pereulok, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, 141700, Russia


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