KBM is engineering and R & D center on development and production of portable air defence, anti-tank and tactical missile systems, armoured vehicles' active protection systems. KBM has the right to be engaged in foreign trade on its own to sell defence products and represents:
- IGLA and IGLA-S man-portable air defence systems;
- STRELETS control equipment and launching pods set for IGLA-type MANPADS for firing from different carriers;
- DJIGHIT support and launching unit for firing missiles of IGLA-type MANPADS;
- KONUS universal complex simulator for IGLA-type gunners' training;
- MALUTKA-2 anti-tank guided missile system;
- SHTURM missile system with АТАКА missile;
- KHRIZANTEMA-S all-weather multi-purpose missile system;
- ISKANDER-E tactical missile system;
- ARENA-E active protection system for armoured vehicles.

Contact Details

Address: 42, Oksky prospekt, Kolomna, Moskow Region, 140402, Russia


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