Intervestnik Publishing House is Russia's largest publisher of books, magazines, show directories and other printed items covering aerospace and defence products.
Highly professional employees of Intervestnik have vast working experience in research institutes and design bureaux of aerospace and defence industry, the Russian Armed Forces and media.
Intervestnik publishes "Air Fleet. Aerospace Technologies Review" - an Englishlanguage magazine about the Russian aerospace industry and its products; "Arms.
Defence Technologies Rewiew" - an English-language magazine on the Russian weapons systems and military equipment; "World Airshows" – a Russian-language magazine on world aerospace industry and its products and "Arsenal. Defence Industry Review" – a Russian-language magazine covers and analysing political, economic, military, structural and technological issues pertaining to the Russian defence industry's development.
Since 1998 Intervestnik has been the official publisher of Russian aerospace and defence shows - MAKS (Moscow Aviation and Space Salon) 1999, 2001, Dvigately 2000, Hydroaviasalon 2002, VTTV-OMSK 2001 and Russian Expo Arms.

Contact Details

Address: P.O. Box 77, Moscow, 125057, Russia


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