State Research Institute of Instrument Engineering

The institute was founded in 1933, it implements research, development and production of automatic control systems and their functional units for different objects of military and civil applications. The institute is a leader in creating small-size strapdown inertial control systems for different types of missile, torpedo weapons and bombs. The institute has developed inertial systems and control systems for 26 types of missiles, including for the SS-N-15, SS-N-16, SS-N-21, CLUB-N, CLUB-S, SA-12A (S-300V), ABM-3 (SH-11) missile systems and the AA-12 (RVV-AE) air-to-air missile. The institute investigates and develops algorithms and laws of control, stabilization, navigation, guidance, and also offers airborne digital computers and associated.

Contact Details

Address: 125, Prospekt Mira, Moscow, 129226, Russia


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