The ОКА-E-1 complex is intended for preparing and technical maintenance of aircraft controlled facilities of defeat (ACFD). The complex has every facility required for preparing and testing ACFD, including facilities of power supply, pneumatic power and nitrogen power. Unceasing checking of the emergency parameters provides safety of testing. Efficiency of self-verification not less than 0.95. The Complex is intended for usage in the following conditions:
operating temperature is -10°C to +50°C, non-operating temperature is -60°C to +60°C. The average mean time between failures not less than 1,000 hours.
Specified life not less than 10,000 hours during the service life of not less than ten years. The power supply is provided from industrial network (3-50Hz, 380V) or from mobile power station. Consumed power is not more than 5KVA.

Contact Details

Address: 6, Vysokovoltnaja Str., Ryazan, 390013, Russia


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