The Rus aerobatic team was set up at the DOSAAF flight training centre in Vyazma. The team put up its first show during the air parade held in Tushino on 18 August 1987. The team advocates the Russian school of aerobatics displaying aircrew cooperation gained through years of practice. The team operates the L-39 Albatros aircraft which is used as a trainer in the Russian Air Force.
Nowadays the Rus team with support from the Airshow Projects non-profit partnership for aviation assistance is reviving the tradition of putting up airshows touring Russian cities during federal, republican and municipal festivities participating in special events sponsored by industrial enterprises. If the Rus team is invited to a show, the latter becomes a picturesque mid-air performance comprising the most spectacular stunts, both group and solo.

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Address: 64, Usacheva str., Moscow, 119048, Russia


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