The Corporation of the Air Traffic Control systems was founded in November 2001 by the leading enterprises of Russia's radio-technical industry specializing in manufacturing of systems and facilities.
The main line of the Corporation of the systems is to establish a branched structure incorporating Russian companies with different forms of the ownership, capable to carry out the entire scope of work to create integrated centers and to equip them with advanced equipment, on turn-key basis. Incorporators of the Corporation of the systems are: Firm Nita (St. Petersburg), Radio Plant Polyot (Chelyabinsk), NIIIT-RK (Chelyabinsk), Informtechnologia (St. Petersburg), Radiophisica (Moscow), Secondary Radar Systems (Moscow), AkvaAlliance (Moscow), Soglasie Alliance (Moscow) and Automatic Dependent Control.

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Address: Bldg. 1, 22 Karamychevskava quay, Moscow, 123423, Russia


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