Aerospace Equipment Corporation was founded in 1998. The Corporation develops, manufactures and delivers avionics for various types of MiG, Su, Tu, An, Il aircraft, Mi, Ka helicopters, S-300, "Buk" missile systems, etc., provides upgrade, warranty and post-warranty service of the equipment throughout its service life. Products of the Corporation enterprises are certified in accordance with ISO-9001 International Quality System, and meet international standards.
The enterprises of the Corporation develop and produce: flight navigation and radar systes; auto pilots and automatic control systems; indication systems and onboard computers; systems of identification, inertial navigation systems; flight data recording equipment and special simulators; hydrounits; electric connectors, printed-circuit-boards, products of microelectronics; medical equipment; car indicators and systems; equipment for oil and gas industry; flight simulators.

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Address: 16, Bolshaya Monetnaya Str., St-Petersburg, 197101, Russia
6, Arkhangelsky per., Moscow, 101000, Russia


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